Deepa is World Class!

My wife and I first encountered Deepa at an Almaden Valley neighborhood yoga studio well over a year ago. My wife had been practicing yoga for several years prior and I was a “newbie”. Deepa’s approach to yoga is quite unique. She blends yoga, pilates and strength training using light weights into her own distinct style. Currently we are members of a small class of Seniors which Deepa has created to address the special needs of her older clients. Deepa’s extensive knowledge of anatomy, the human skeleton and muscle structure is used as the foundation of her approach. She emphasizes how to isolate specific parts of the body so they can be strengthened and stabilized. Her knowledge of human physiology is both extensive and impressive and her deployment of that knowledge is unique.

The results of our work with Deepa have been dramatic–energy is increased, pain is reduced and mobility has improved.

Walt R.

Deepa is an exceptional Yoga and Pilates instructor and working with her is not like anything else you have experienced before, guaranteed. As a chiropractor and a person with arthritis since the age of 12, I am very in tune to my body and the imbalances I suffer. Deepa is quick to pick up on these same imbalances and more as well as modify the movements to best suit my issues.

Not only is she terrific at helping me through any aches and pain, but I trust her implicitly with my patients. I know that when I send her a patient to work with that they are in good hands and her work will help to enhance the benefits of their treatments with without worry that their injuries, aches or pains will be worsened by their time with her. Furthermore, if I have a patient that needs more extensive rehabilitation than I am able to provide during my appointments, I can send them her way.

The combination of yoga and pilates (floor and reformer) as well as other tools really allows her to offer a wide variety of ways to help people whether they are looking to strengthen, stretch, tone, or perform rehabilitation for injury.

Jackie C.

I have been training with Deepa for about 5 months. As a body worker who does a lot of manual therapy, I excel at getting into really weird and uncomfortable positions and holding or repeating those positions all day long. This of course leads to soreness, at times exhaustion and/or elation, and of course the inevitable injuries or illness. While I am pretty good at self-care, there can always be fine tuning and improving to prevent issues before they arise.

Training 1:1 with Deepa has been instrumental in helping me to discover and eliminate some of the muscle imbalances at the heart of areas of chronic tension and pain. This is no small feat! I have trained in martial arts and yoga for 10+ years and feel pretty self-aware and “tuned in.” I never worked with a personal trainer before, but I have to say, now I’m hooked!

Deepa has been able to teach me new techniques that are so helpful – now I’m sharing with my patients, too, especially the Yoga Tune up Balls! The reformer is also quite phenomenal in very clearly illustrating imbalances in muscle groupings while simultaneously balancing them. The added layer Deepa provides in personal training that is invaluable to me has been helping me hone in on what muscles should be active and inactive in specific exercises. This awareness makes all the difference in the world – working the muscles you intend to work out and learning how to activate muscles and movement with intention.

There are so many things to love about Deepa! Her genuine interest in you getting stronger, making sure she pushes you but not so hard you are injured or hurting too much the next day or week. Her contagious enthusiasm encouraging you and cheering you on. Her volumes of education and ability to articulate information so that it is helpful and practical. The fact that she is always learning and sharing what she learns. Highly recommend!!!

Jessica G.

Working with Deepa has truly improved my life. I suffer from a chronic bone condition that limits my range of motion, leaves me with poor balance and makes it very hard to exercise. Deepa has taught me to connect to my body and to try a range of different yoga and pilates techniques that work for my specific needs. Through her personal attention, my pain level as been greatly reduced, my stamina has improved and I am now able to do so much more in my day to day life.

Deepa is very capable of working with those who are new to exercise or those who have been working out their whole lives but are looking for a fresh perspective. Her comfortable studio has all the modalities needed for the perfect workout.

For my money there is no better investment. Deepa loves what she does and you feel it every time she works with you. I look forward to working with Deepa to continue to grow stronger and be a healthier version of me.

Lisa B.

Deepa has taught me how to be more aware of my body positions not just in the context of training and exercise, but also how I sit at work or mow the yard. Learning to be more conscious of my posture really helps me avoid aggravating what used to be chronic muscle/joint problems.

I worked with a personal trainer in the past and found the training to not be very personal at all. A lot of it was “just keep adding weight” and doing the same reps week after week. I never exactly felt better after those workouts.

With Deepa, she always utilizes her training and knowledge to keep workouts interesting. I feel like I not only get the benefit of a good workout, but with her attention to my positions and stretching, I feel so much better afterwards.

Deepa genuinely wants to make sure you are getting positive results, and is always quick to adjust if your body is just not feeling up to it. She pushes you to strive for more, but I have never felt like she pushed me to the point of not being able to move the next day.

Since I’ve started working with Deepa, I feel stronger and have kept my chronic pain issues away.

Sara H.

Deepa is not your average yoga teacher – she incorporates pilates, core work and strength training while focusing on breath and alignment. She is a wealth of knowledge and my practice has become stronger and more developed because of Deepa. I am now a certified yoga teacher and Deepa has been and continues to be not only my teacher but a huge inspiration.

Susie A.

Deepa is very knowledgeable and thorough. I really appreciate how she follows up with me after sessions, when I am concerned about muscle aches. It shows she cares. I have been seeing her for over 3 months now, and am really feeling the benefits.
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Mary L.

I have been taking Yoga and Pilates with Deepa for about three months. I have chronic back and neck pain and since working with her I feel better than I have in years. She is very knowledgeable and pushes me to do more each week without hurting me. I’ve worked with trainers in the past that want to push without regard to your body and hurting yourself she knows how to work with you without injury.

I can tell I’m getting stronger but also that my balance is much better. She has been a life saver and I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to get in shape and feel better. You don’t have to have had injuries like I did to go to Deepa she is really good at working with people on strength training which is what we are working on now and I feel great.

Kim B.

I have been working with Deepa for about 3 months now.

I have worked with many different types of yoga, martial arts, and fitness instructors/coaches and in Deepa I have found the best of all possible worlds.

I love the combination of modalities and tools she uses and offers. I really enjoy traditional yoga, learning how to better control and strengthen and open my body with postures and breathing. I love introducing the yoga tune-up balls into the floor work, to get deep massage and pressure-point/trigger-point therapy in parts of my body that are stuck and hurting. And finally, I love working with the Pilates Reformer, and strengthening my body without aggressively straining my joints and ligaments. Deepa uses these tools along with her thorough knowledge of body mechanics to guide me through engaging workouts that strengthen without injury.

I walk away from each workout more deeply connected with my body and feeling invigorated in a way that allows me to move more freely, and generally be in less pain. I know I am lucky to work with her. I hope that everyone who wants health and balance in their body will be lucky to work with her as well.

Michael B.

Deepa is simply the best there is in my experience! She spends the time to get to know your needs, your goals as well as if you have any limitations (past injuries, etc.) and then designs a program to optimize your time to get the best results. Her experience and passion for what she does shows! I have been doing pilates for well over a decade, and have gone to many many pilates studios and dealt with even more pilates teachers, but none have been as good as Deepa.

Rita D.

There are times in your life that you meet people who have a profound effect or influence in your life, for me, Deepa is one of those people. I’ve been fortunate enough to take her classes and work with her in private sessions. Deepa has taught me movements to over come a stressed hamstring and open up my psoas muscle! Her experience and knowledge about the body is without question. Her passion to continue learning and pass her knowledge on to others is a blessing for us all.

Glenn G.

I love Deepa’s classes, and I attend at least one or two of them every week! I really appreciate that she takes the time to discuss alignment and the reasons behind why we do certain poses. She gives great physical cues, gentle adjustments and also reminds us of the importance of breath. She keeps the classes lighthearted, so you don’t even realize how hard she works you until you are happily resting in savasana. Deepa clearly loves what she does and continues to educate herself on all aspects of yoga and Pilates, and for that I am a very grateful student!

Luanne H.

I have been taking classes with Deepa for almost 3 years now. Her attention to biomechanics, and her ability to adapt to her client’s needs is unparalleled! Great sense of humor and ability to provide the best workout and results are just a few of the reasons I love working with her!

Sara C.

Deepa is simply the best. She actually recognizes newcomers and comes up and introduces herself. She is so personal and she honestly cares about what you need and want out of the class. She always tells us funny stories and makes yoga so interesting. She is, hands down, the best gentle Vinyasa teacher I’ve ever had. If you’re new to yoga and ready to fall in love, she’s the teacher to start with.

Pauline T

If you can take a class from Deepa do it! Her classes are fun and a great workout.

Anonymous Yelp

I have loved your Yoga Tune Up classes. Such a therapy for the body! it is not just a day of relief from tense or tightened muscles that it provides, but with regular pratise I have noticed how much lighter and pain free my body is..

Aparna V.


I recommend Deepa to start the day with Yoga ! Knowledgeable, sensitive, and grounded.



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